The Best Mature Dating Site With App for Over 40 Singles

There are many dating apps on the market today, but one that has garnered some attention thanks to its emphasis on over 40 dating is the MatureD. This app has managed to become quite popular thanks to its focus on the growing numbers of people over 40 looking for love.


The MatureD dating app works in many ways like the classic Tinder app, except it is designed for singles over 40 or over 50. And it has a PC website: Mature Dating Site for Over 40.

The app is free, offers the basic swipe technology like Tinder apps, and allows you to augment your account with new information and pictures to help others find out more about you. The features themselves are standard with many dating apps, but it is the combination of what is provided that sets MatureD apart from the competition.


There are several attributes that help make the MatureD app and the experience that follows a solid one starting with the fact that it is free. A free dating app is nothing new, but at least you do not have to pay right out of the gate when using this remarkable app.

  • Private Email Registration
  • Fast Account Setup
  • Simple Account Augmentation
  • Ample Security to Prevent Scammers
  • Instant Message System
  • Common Sense Sorting System

The fact that the email registration process is a private one helps protect your security when signing up for the MatureD app. In addition, you can create an account in seconds thanks to the fast registration process. You only need a minimal amount of information and profile photo to get started. However, you can augment your account quickly by adding more personal information and photos at your choosing.

While the setup is simple, it does not skimp on security which minimizes the ability of scammers to get through and become members. Plus, once you've established your account, you can use the instant message system to talk to other members who you can find using the excellent sorting system. This means that you can sort for members by how close they are to your location. In addition, there is a matching game much like the one found on Tinder which helps make this app fun and interesting.

If there is a downside, it is that the MatureD is somewhat derivative of Tinder in terms of its features, but that is only a negative for those who didn't like how Tinder was set up. Otherwise, the MatureD app is solid, easy to use, and allows you quick access to the members of the group.


While the MatureD app is not the most innovative, it does combine the best features of other dating apps and focuses its efforts for those looking for love who are over 40. Apart from the security which is excellent, arguably the best attribute is the easy setup of your account, so you can spend more time looking for singles who are over 40 or over 50 depending on your interests.

Meeting older singles is now easier than ever thanks to the MatureD app and it is highly recommended thanks to its ease of use, excellent features, and large membership base.